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  President's Welcome Message...



I would like to welcome you to RFID Association (RFIDA) a young NOT for profit educational organization dedicated for advancement of RFID technology. The RFIDA's global RFID (SME) experts will give vendor-neutral advice,support in design and deployment of RFID technologies and its applications across different industries.


Vision : Efficiently foster the RFID technologies through strengthening co-opertaion and solidarity


I would like to thank all honorable members of "Board of Advisors"of RFID Association (RFIDA) who have encouraged and supported me.


I look forward the same strong support in future...


RFID Association

Syed Sharukh

Founder & President



Thanks for dropping by! Please send your suggestions and contact details at:- info AT rfida.org


  RFID News...

Korea deploys RFID tags to quell counterfeit liquor trade



South Korea’s National Tax Service (NTS) will use RFID tags to sniff out counterfeit liquor bottles in 1,045 bars and 150 liquor wholesalers Seoul’s Gangnam district


Italian CAEN RFID launches tiny QUARK reader


Italian UHF RFID provider, has announced the development of QUARK, a UHF multiregional ultra compact reader module designed for easy integration into small form factor industrial handhelds, smartphone accessories and USB ports.


VeriChip, RECEPTORS now in Phase II of developing glucose sensing RFID chip


VeriChip and its partner RECEPTORS LLC announced that they will launch Phase II development of an implantable glucose-sensing RFID microchip. The goal of the project is to create an alternative way for diabetes patients to monitor blood sugar without the need to draw blood.


RFID could help hospitals contain Swine Flu


Swine Flu outbreaks, such as India, which has now reported 200 deaths from the illness, should consider issuing RFID-enabled hospital bracelets to infected patients and hospital visitors to determine who has come in contact with whom, and use the data to develop quarantine strategies.


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